Brandon believes in building a well-developed skill set in not only the fight game, but also in fitness. Brandon’s journey began over 10 years ago starting with lifting in a college weight room. Once he saw the positive changes that brought into his life, he had an itch for doing more. That is when he came across Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brandon trained in BJJ for many years starting at white belt level and working up the ranks. Brandon started at the Relson Academy, then later switched to be under Arthur Ruff, which turned into being under the Carlson Gracie name. After receiving his brown belt, Brandon had the opportunity to take the rank of being the instructor. During this period of time, Brandon was also kickboxing with the world renowned Sam Jones in Glouster, Ohio. Aside from working a job, Brandon’s free time went into training himself to be better at all aspects of the fight game.

In 2013, Brandon started wrestling with Ohio State All-American, Adam DiSabato. He believed that every “fighter” should have a striking skill set (boxing, kickboxing) a takedown skill set (wrestling) and of course ground fighting (Jiu Jitsu). Wrestling was the last piece of the puzzle. Since wrestling with Adam, Brandon has competed in Ohio Tournament of Champions.

Brandon opened his gym in 2015 to provide all aspects of the fight game to the public. He believes that Columbus, Ohio needed a gym where he could provide proper training for those who want to learn not only all the different tools of fighting, but also the fitness side of training.



Brandon met his wife, Alexandra, in 2013. At the time that they met she was really getting into the fitness industry. Alexandra was mostly into running half marathons and completed one full marathon. After months of dating, she started lifting weights and building more muscle mass through Brandon’s encouragement. Alexandra became more passionate about learning more about weight training and nutrition. She decided to become certified for personal training and certified in sports nutrition counseling. Alexandra loves offering that service because she knows how being fit helps a person's self-esteem. Fast forward two years, Alexandra started training BJJ. She currently holds a blue belt and has competed in both IBJJF and Newbreed tournaments. Alexandra has started teaching one adult BJJ class a week and also heads the Kids BJJ program. Once Brandon introduced boxing to the program they thought it would be a good idea to provide a service to those who want to learn to correctly box but not want the full effect of actual sparring (being punched). Alexandra (and Brandon) thought it would be a good idea to hold a cardio kickboxing class for that group of people.

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